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Friday, September 01, 2006

New lease on life!

This day not only marks the inauguration of the new blogger format, but my work on my dramatic short film FREEDOM and comedy feature script NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH is coming along terrifically.

I have to say that like every writer, I rely on specific people for thoughtful feedback for my work. My FYP partner, biz whiz and actress extraordinaire Brittany Quist has also turned out to be a very insightful script/character/story feedbacker. She always comes up with questions that result in me pushing the piece to a greater level of quality.

As I've blogged before, my writing partner John Beresford is also a trusted and spot on feedbacker!

It's always exciting to hear what questions they have for me to answer about the story, characters, etc.

Another bit of news that may not mean a lot to you but it's a *BIG* deal to me: I'm scheduled for breast reduction surgery at the University of Washington Medical Center in late November! Being "blessed" with oversized bazooms is not all it's cracked up to be!

Now what makes this an even bigger deal is that overall, the medical community does not believe that breasts that have been treated with radiation are good candidates for reduction surgery because the recovery can carry significant risks.

The radiated breast (or other body part radiated) has the side effect of compromised circulation, so generally they recommend a mastectomy be performed then rebuild the breast because recovery from general surgery can be slow - which can invite infection and other risks.

However, there is new information and research ... while admittedly more is needed ... that shows there are certain things surgeons can do to assist a positive outcome. I found some of that research on the internet and showed it to my doctor.

Well, this guy is the *most* conservative surgeon, and finally had me convinced that I had to undergo the mastectomy-rebuild route. I decided, OK, I *can* play golf after all; pat myself on the back and scratch where I couldn't reach before. You know me, always looking on the bright side ...

But after doing more research and consultating with other surgeons? He decided I would be a good candidate for reduction surgery!

I want to make it *very* clear that because of a number of physical and medical reasons I should be a good candidate! There is always the risk of complications, but knowing this doctor, if he didn't investigate ways to limit them, he wouldn't proceed. More, I totally accept the possible risks of this surgery. I don't want anyone to get the idea that I'm pimping reduction surgery for everyone who has had radiation, because so far the indications are that you face a 50-50 chance of serious risks for this surgery. Clear?

But! If all goes well, as I know it will?

It means at last I can run like the wind! Do cartwheels! Skip rope! Bop 'til I drop! Do back flips without suffering boob backlash! Play the oboe! ... wait. Where did that come from? Oboe?

Anyway, until my surgery date, I will be working out like a storm trooper because I want to be in the best physical shape I can to greet my new chest mates. My heartless personal trainer will see to it I'm fabulously fit!

As it is, Shirley (cancer-defeated side!) is smaller than LaVerne so my nickname is "Tilt." Not after the surgery! Hurrah!

Thanks for reading about this - had to share.

My new fish tank is in and all six fish are doing brilliantly! Photos coming tomorrow! I never thought I was a fish person .. like, ever!

But I never thought I was a dog person until Oscar came into my life and I spent two years socializing and training my wee pup, who had a very rough start.

Preproduction on FREEDOM is underway. We're thrilled that Shefskie Paba is building the set - it's such a significant character in the film, that we really need a keen artist's touch. We start designs straight away for late October/early November shoot.

It's a working weekend for me - writing, prepro and, like me, most of my actors are working Monday (it's a holiday in the US).

Have a smashing weekend!


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