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Saturday, December 30, 2006


Who or what inspires you?

The word inspire basically means to breathe in. To inhale.

You need inspiration?


Take a deep breath.

Think of something or someone who inspires you.

Is it a child? An adult? A pet? Nature - be it a mountain or a bubbly brook? A book? A poet or poem?

You may want to write down your greatest incentive so you can read it the next time you need to stop and take a deep breath of creative inspiration.

Better yet, hatch up a list of who and what inspires you - be sure to add your own name; put yourself in their good company. You may also want to put photos of them on the paper.

Then put your inspiration conglomeration in a place you can see often.

Remember to stop. And take a very deep breath every time you read it! Inspire yourself!

I consider the people and things that inspire me my muses. They ignite, excite and incite so much creativity for me, it's a joy to be around them or just look at them, even momentarily!


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