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Monday, May 21, 2007

"Think big, act small"

Last night I attended a great graduation ceremony of Gene Juarez Academy of Cosmetology and Beauty students. I know several of the newly licensed and ready to go to work cosmetologists - fantastic women and men, all - and wanted to adding my support and applause to the large crowd of well-wishers.

The keynote speaker was the Education Director of Gene Juarez and he reminded us of the philosophy that most genuinely successful people have used to reach the top: think big, act small.

Meaning, make your dreams big, but remember it's all about the basics.

In this case, you can dream of having a beauty salon empire, but remember your first duty is the person for whom you're caring in the chair. Making them look more beautiful than when they came in, making them feel beautiful when they leave.

In this industry I see too many people thinking big - and acting big when they actually are not. Having big dreams is totally fine - but representing yourself as if you are big in the industry when you are not? Um, not a good idea. Sooner or later, everyone knows the truth.

It's all about having the vision to create a motion picture - perhaps wanting to make several. That's the thinking big part. After that? It's down to the basics of filmmaking: the writing - script - and all the skills it takes to make a good motion picutre, like acting, directing, script supervisor, director of photography, gaffer (lighting), props, costume, hair, make-up, set design and dressing, the music/composer, editing, post production and more.

Sometimes people come into towns (Seattle's been hit a couple times!), saying that they are big film industry people casting for a big motion picture - and if you pay them a certain amount of money to be seen by the "casting director" you'll get a shot at being in the big film!

Casting directors do not charge money to audition people.

For some reason, gullible wannabe's don't check the outfit scamming them. Fortunately, some reporters get suspicious and blow their scheme - but usually only after hundreds of people have forked over their hard-earned money. And it's too late to get their money back. In most cases, the scammers have skipped town by the time the news hits.

OK, that was a digression.

You know what I mean.

Think big, act small.

Go for what you really want, no matter how outrageously out of your grasp it seems today - just remember the basics of your craft, relationship skills and hard work are your best success-building tools.

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