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Thursday, September 13, 2007

A report from fitness boot camp!

After my first week at the Seattle Weight Loss Boot Camp I'm thrilled to report that it's tough, it's challenging, and it's for those of us who want to get down and dirty (um, literally as I discovered) and get fit as the proverbial fiddle.

Our "Drill Instructor" turns out to be a knowledgeable, caring, nurturing and demanding coach, Kimae Dolan. She understands the physical and nutritional sides of being healthy and fit, and knows how to work with cancer survivors like me who have undergone extensive chemotherapy and radiation.

Fortunately for me, she is not humor-challenged and appreciates those of us who enjoy hard work! I love to sing (OK, this may come to a vote, I understand..) and encourage others as I push myself as much as I can - or have been instructed to.

There are some terrific women in my group. All ages, races and body types. Of the three morning groups she coaches, ours is the smallest - between 8 and 9 of us depending on the day.

We do everything outside because as studies have found, that is the fastest way to lose fat. Walking the uneven terrain, dealing with a variety of temperatures and humidity, it all adds up to more of a physical challenge than a floored room with a comfortable temperature.

That's not to say those cushy conditions are ineffective - just that being outside consumes more calories!

Walking and running up trails and hills, working with weights, doing lots of exercises - familiar and new - all add up to me feeling pretty doggone great today. I'm already lighter, and eating more carefully because I don't want to undo and regain what I've worked hard to lose!

Sleep is very important - we have to get rest or we'll get sick because of the demands being made on our bodies. I've been unbelievably good about getting to bed early since the alarm goes off before dawn to line up on time to hit the trail.

Each boot camp series runs for four weeks - meeting every morning, Monday through Thursday.

I think two elements make it even more successful for me: first, knowing that someone is expecting me (as I look forward to seeing the great women I've met), and second, being coached by someone who not only cares about her clients but is extremely knowledgeable using a holistic approach to nutrition and approaches to specific, individual physiological challenges that need attention to become optimally physically fit.

Of course, if I were the slightest bit competitive .. I suppose I might push myself a little more to, ah, you know .. keep up .. ;-)

I'm already planning to sign up for next month's workouts. Expect before and after photos when the "after" happens!!

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