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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just in case...

First, you must understand that I am not what you'd call a "hoarder."

I do not stack up piles of useless junk, nor live beyond my means. And I'm definitely not a "conspicuous consumer."

My car is modest, affordable and attractive. Most importantly it gets me from here to there and has never suffered any mechanical problems. But then, what problems can one have driving less than 3,000 miles a year (others usually provide transportation - for all sorts of reasons).

Likewise, my home - which also has a lot of character.

No, not a stockpiler, me. But I do get anything that helps me in my quest for future activities or interests, survival or hobbies, especially if these items of preparation are on sale.

I tend to think of myself as a pseudo-minimalist preparer. That is, I like to feel prepared for whatever I believe I will do, might do, am considering doing, or wondering if I'd like to do.

Like paint. Always wanted to paint. Oil and water. So, over the years I've been gathering brushes and other art equipment. And draw. I have two easles - one for home and one in the car in case I have the notion to draw outside - and all the accessories I need when I wish to draw - including two body models for when I have time to practice. One day.

I also have sculpting tools. I took a class once and want to get back into it as soon as I have room for the clay table.

I'm prepared for French and German lessons, x-country skiing, snow shoeing, tennis, sports of all sorts, workout clothes in a smaller size, exercise equipment, musical instruments, a telescope with assorted lenses to indulge my interest in astronomy, photography equipment that I use in my directing work as well as to use in shooting wildlife, the pets; storyboarding sheets and gear, a saddle for horseback riding along with the boots, hats and gloves, and so much more.

I'm also a gadget girl.

"Just in case" construction, repair and fix-it tools, electronic paraphernalia, and items that I get because I know "one day" I'll use them.

For example - *many* years ago I bought bendy straws. And today? Out of the blue, I needed a bendy straw! And there it was - a whole box of them!

Who knew?

I did. I knew that .. one day .. I'd use it.

Books are another big "just in case" collection. Massive. I have so many things to research, I'd rather have the book on hand than have to wait for it if the library doesn't have it available straight away. Mind you, these are books on subjects I *think* I'll be writing in the future.

You know, just in case.

I don't get any more kitchen utinsels. I always thought I'd get interested in cuisine. One day. Especially French cuisine since I love it so much.

But, no.

In fact, I've given away many of the cooking apparati I acquired over the years. I'm finally at peace with myself about not being someone who enjoys cooking. I'm much better than I was, and the food I eat is much higher quality than it ever has been, but I'm not the sort who will make my way through a stew or anything more complex than scrambled eggs or spaghetti sauce.

Pencils. I have dozens; and pens - at least a hundred. I have this irrational fear of not having a pen or pencil nearby, and I tend to have a "favorite" pen and pencil I use at any one time. Likewise, paper. Notebooks, tablets, paper - I always make sure I'm well stocked. Being a writer I think this makes sense. Printer ink and printers, too. Never hurts to have a backup.

I also maintain a super stock of toilet paper. Just in case. I want to make sure I always have plenty on hand when people are here because so many people come over.

My car is packed with water, food, jacket, blankets, tooth brush and what have you - just in case there's an earthquake or disaster of some sort and I have to gather the four pets and hit the road.

Unfortunately, I am having trouble finding a box of music I have around the house somewhere - it has about $1,000 worth of sheet music I knew I'd need one day. Actually, "one day" has arrived. I normally know where things are, especially something this large. But, ouch. I can't find my years of preparation for this day.


But I'm sure I'll find it.

One day.

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