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Sunday, July 19, 2009

LIFE AS ART - my first narrative film

This is the first completed narrative film I produced, wrote and directed.

At that time, my story telling background was primarily in news (newspaper, magazine, radio and TV) and documentary films.

It's about a guy - Todd Ellington - who devotes his life to his art - at the expense of everything else.

As we're mesmerized by watching him prepare to perform his art, we also see life go on without him; we watch life pass him by. Todd appears to be oblivious to this.

Despite his dedication and sacrifice to enhance his talent, perfect his skills and (especially) develop his facial features and expressions - those who watch him "perform" completely miss what he wants them to see most. What he is desperate for them to see!

In short, no matter how much he worked to have the audience experience what he prepared to show them? They miss it. They're looking everywhere else at everything else instead.

LIFE AS ART was an official selection of the Seattle International Film Festival and shown 'round the world, independently and in film festivals - it also enjoyed the honor of being screened with the Swedish comedy classic THE APPLE WAR at a local Seattle theater during its rare run.

Starring Kevin Wilde, the amazing score is composed and performed by Ben Hippen. I wrote the song, "Art is Forever."

Director of photography is Lon Magdich. It was shot on 16mm film.

The Rainy States film festival reviewer wrote: "Kenneth Branagh takes more than three hours to explain Hamlet's angst; director Colleen Patrick takes a mere 13 and a half minutes."

Because of its length, it's shown here in two segments. Credits are always part of my films - so there's something new for you to see until the very last frame.



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