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Saturday, January 22, 2011

An "easy does it" day...

Instead of heading out for a long day of sightseeing, I'm staying in, recovering from a severe sinus infection. Photographer Michael Conner, also suffering from a sinus infection, is getting out a bit - he has to buy a piece of camera equipment to use for the rest of the trip.
The dust and pollution in the air surrounding metropolitan areas is tough on those of us prone to sinus infections - and if anything with the name "sinus" feels like a minor intrusion, it's not.
We have profylactic medication we can and should use to prevent them - for some reason we did not. India just didn't feel like a sinus infection kinda place. Our bad.
So if you have sinus problems, when you come to India, be sure to use your nasal squirts to prevent infection. Lesson learned.
After receiving our meds yesterday, I took mine and slept until 2am, when I got up to see if there might be some running water... there was! Even hot water! So I took a quick "shower" and washed my hair, using only about four cups of water for the whole job. Oh, but do I feel better.
Back to sleep. then up at 8am for breakfast, ready to Skype with a coachee/friend in Washington state, who has a big performance coming up.
I heard from my conscientious pet care person! The pups and kitty are splendid! Missy's full of energy, apparently taking advantage of the opportunity to get a million additional hugs, pets and kisses from someone with a soft spot for senior fluffballs.
A couple of the folks I coach are also dropping by to say howdy; I'm glad these little guys are so pupular; Allie Cat is likewise being snuggled. It's such a relief not to have to worry about them, and in fact to know the people with them are spoiling them silly!
I forgot to mention that our trip to the hospital yesterday was *painless* - we just needed our passport and visa (as in visiting India visa, not the credit card) numbers. We were also given the business card of the doctor with numbers to call in case we have any problems.
Our host also sent two assistants to escort us through the process, which made it even more expeditious. Nothing worse than having to sit around in a hospital when one is sickly.
The Appolo Hospital was busy but not anywhere near crowded.
Of course the staff was busy, but when they deal with a patient, they stop, devote all their attention to you, and listen carefully. They gave us no prefferential treatment - it's the way they deal with everyone.
For those who have msged and emailed: I am only using bottled water for brushing teeth and whatnot!!
Michael and I have come to love Indian porridge. It's not thick and pasty as our American oatmeal normally is, it's kind of runny. But oh, my. Is it delicious. Just a hint of sweet. It's grains cooked in milk and water. Apparently it's an adaptation of the British breakfast porridge.
Well, I'm off to nap the day away - hopefully waking up tomorrow refreshed and ready to take the country by storm again!

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