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Friday, September 01, 2006

a new great big ol' aquarium!

So I pumped up the little two gallon fish bowl we used on the set to a seven gallon full-blown aquarium!

And got more neon tetra along with more flora for them to play in and munch on. These little guys are so much fun .. and calming .. to watch.

Sometimes they're tough to find because they're having fun swimming inside their playground plants, but they are getting braver about chasing one another in more open areas. Do fish play tag? They sure look like they do.

I think it might be difficult to name them until I learn to recognize their physical differences - but that won't take long.

One way I think they might help my writing: they're so interactive that it's easy to slip into a haze of anthropomorphism - attributing human emotions to these wee fins. Which would give me all sorts of dramatic consequenses for their (perceived) behavior that I would not otherwise come up with.

Then figure out how to make characters in my scripts suffer the same .. without referring to their gills, fins, and ..

Wait. Am I writing this or have I merely *thought* it...?

I mean, I don't want upcoming writers thinking that ... my fish ... are the real characters ... in my ... work ... ;-)


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