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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Time out!


I feel like I've been taking an emotional battering over the past several months because of some serious changes taking place around me - so I decided to take a serious time out!

I normally think of a "time out" as a way to remove one of my pups from the room where she might be misbehaving.

But it's also a way to take a breath of fresh air when the environment gets murky.

Step out - get away from the desk, take a walk outside, turn off the cell phone, turn up the music and take a time out!

Suspend communication to get back on track, regain my "sea legs" and figure out a way to prevent a repeat of future unforseen blindsidings and nasty surprises.

Hey, maybe even take an artist's retreat weekend at the ocean - reading poetry, literature, writing, listening to good music and perhaps even watching a favorite DVD.

Time out - walk away from situations and people who do not feel trustworthy.

Use it wisely and that time out just might change your life in a profound way when you least expect it.


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