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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Life altering decisions

As I get more deeply into preproduction of FYP Productionz' film FREEDOM - writing, directing and producing with my FYP biz-whiz/exec. producer and acting partner Brittany Quist, I'm also thinking of finishing the script and moving into prepro for our upcoming comedy feature NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH early next year.

Right now, my coaching practice is full, and I know that continuing to do a spectacular job at both maintaining my current coaching schedule and making films won't allow me to excel at either. Both careers are very intense and time consuming and deserve my complete attention.

Having a balance with my personal life as well means something has to give, so I've decided to close my coaching practice to the general public as of Nov. 30, 2007; that means I won't be accepting any more actors or writers from the general public as of Nov. 30, 2006, because one year of working with me should put them on the road to pursuing their craft professionally.

I won't ever stop coaching - I enjoy it too much, it's incredibly challenging and keeps all my directing and writing chops very sharp because I work with so many different types of people who require such an extraordinary range of knowledge. But I'll be coaching only the people with whom I've been working over the years as well as actors who are cast in FYP films.

As difficult a decision as it is, it's also easy. I *love* writing and directing - and producing (although I hope to leave the producing side to Brittany and others as we grow) - and my dream has always been to work with a filmmaking "family" - a group of talented, skilled, positive, appreciative, and hardworking artists whose goal is excellence in all they do so we can create affordable, memorable work. Projects of which we can always be proud.

We're not out for the "Hollywood Dream." You know, the "get rich quick" syndrome. We're out to make a living and delight in the pleasure of doing fantastic work with fantastic people for fantastic audiences!

It's important that we don't do too much too quickly, but instead maintain a steady flow of great projects that have a significant range - from serious documentaries to dramatic and thrilling shorts and features to hysterically hilarious comedy shorts and features.

Incredibly, there are more and more markets in the US and internationally for good independent short films, documentaries and indie feature projects that can sustain a small production company like ours.

I look forward to giving 100% to my coachees this next year, as well as working on FYP's growing film repertoire. And I look forward to becoming a full-time writer/director after that!

Stay tuned - I'll take you with me as we live our production company title ... FYP in FYP Productionz stands for Follow Your Passion.

And that's what we're doing.


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