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Monday, December 04, 2006

Lessons learned in 2006

Overall, 2006 was a Dream Year.

Ample happiness, enjoyment, excitement, achievements, discoveries, health (still cancer-free!), enlightenment, awareness, creativity, nurturing and breakthroughs were granted me and mine.

One significant disappointment stole some of that happiness. But the lessons I took from it have given me tremendous insight; other doors are opening because of it - so it all turns out to be for the best.

Gratitude prevails through the good and ... less good! ;-)

I bet every person who does what they love and makes a living at it, no matter the perceived expense, considers themselves blessed. The freedom, risks, courage, discipline, ingenuity, the highs and lows, problems and solutions (no matter the size) - daily rewards, all. We've worked long and hard to be able to do what we love - and it only gets better.

Amidst the exhilaration of The Season, as I look forward to rituals of renewal in the coming days, here are some of the lessons I learned these past 11 months.

1. How to properly care for my tropical fish!

Anyone who has tried to raise fish knows it's much more of a challenge than it appears. The first couple months were touch and go - mostly go. Now? Hurrah! The aquarium is gorgeous, as are the fish, who should continue to live for as long as 10 years. They bring countless hours of enjoyment to everyone who watches them endlessly play tag, dive, swim, flip, streak around or through the plants, a "No Fishing" sign and coral rocks. My friend Shefskie will be proud!

2. I love to sing!

I've always enjoyed singing, but these days I sing at the drop of a note. For groups, individuals, pets, fish - doesn't matter. It's a spiritual experience - every sense I have is filled when I sing. I feel like I can do anything! Next year, I'm playing my piano and guitar more because they make me feel the same.

3. I love to read and write poetry!

Thanks to Steve Lorton, poetry is becoming a passion.

4. I must *always* trust my gut.

Twice this year, my gut told me exactly what was going on, but because I believed what I was told instead - POW! Ouch. My self-imposed misery was caused because I doubted what my intuition *screamed* at me. If I had confronted the situations when they first struck me, no matter what others said, I most probably would have had honest answers much sooner and would have gladly dealt with them as they really are.

5. Friends are friends.

In my lifetime, no perceived problems or misunderstandings have separated friends. I've had some memorable verbal altercations with some of my best friends; with others just as close - there's never been a single cross word exchanged. Friends are friends.

6. It doesn't matter what others do - as long as I keep my word and maintain confidences I am at peace with myself.

7. Much as I love to help people new to the industry, working with experienced professionals is crucial for me now.

Now on to New Year Resolutions!


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