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Thursday, November 30, 2006

my DEN

If you remember how Kevin imagined his home's furnace in the basement becoming an enormous, devouring monster in Home Alone, that is how my DEN feels to me.

It's the room in which I've piled hundreds of books, reams of papers, stacks of DVD's, video tapes, asundry computer paraphernalia and hardware, a file cabinet full of papers, a storage area for all sorts over the years, yadda yadda yadda -- all of which need to be culled.

Every item must be reviewed for being tossed, donated, sold or kept - and anything retained must have its own special home.

Weeks ago, I started tackling the job of clearing everything out so I could at least get a reasonable idea of how much room is in there, and how it needs to be restructured and reassembled in order to create a proper office area for my film production work.

Everything has been taken down and/or out - I need to be firm with myself about keeping only those things I actually need. I don't know about you, but I'm a book hoarder and it will be hard to part with those I haven't actually read - which in my case happens to be most of them.

My home away from home is the library, so I tend to read books I check out at the expense of all those livres I've purchased over the years, fully intending to take a "books I own reading vacation."

Special shelves are being built for all those books, videos and dvd's - and everything must be carefully reinstalled, arranged and filed efficiently so we can find everything easily and effortlessly.

Hopefully, in a couple weeks, thanks to the help of one of my coachees who is actually a professional organizer, it will be remodeled and rearranged, complete with two desks to allow my business partner and me to work back to back, and I'll love spending my days in there.

Right now, however, every time I get near the DEN door I feel like Kevin approaching the furnace as it grew and growled!

Do you have a monster room like this?


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