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Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve

To me, this is the time to take a last look at the year I'm leaving behind.

To let go of what hasn't worked, shore up everything that has and learn what I must in order to build upon what is already working to continue living the happy and rewarding life I enjoy.

The past few months have actually been spent identifying and letting go of everything that doesn't work for me - whatever was not enhancing or respecting me, my life or my work.

Closing those doors has opened the way for some terrific opportunities and amazing people to come into my life - many unexpected - for which I am incredibly grateful.

Actually, I'm grateful for the entire process, because I've learned so much about myself and other people, which always makes for great art - not to mention a greater understanding of and between people.

The vast majority of 2006 worked just fine for me - including the introduction of some positive habits such as exercising at least 3 days a week, eating healthier, reading *much* more and pursuing classes to enhance my writing and filmmaking skills.

Among the highlights: visiting my best mate of 10+ years John and his family in Manchester, England for 3 weeks. I still smile and sigh recalling the million pictures in my mind of my ethereal, exquisite experiences.

Meeting and interviewing Alec Baldwin (I *love* this guy! And I was thrilled to discover I teach what he preaches re: acting and performing techniques for the camera!) and CCH Pounder (she is the BEST! And I was thrilled to discover I teach what she preaches about how to do well and keep sane in this business!) about the film acting craft for my movieScope magazine column.

Watching my coachees do so incredibly well - meaning get work - especially the past few months!

Write, produce, shoot and finish a short film - Mortal Wound - which we shot on 35mm film.

Singing every week to Kelli's baby Brock while he was still getting womb service; welcoming him to the world; then writing, producing and narrating a kid's audio book for him - The Great Adventures of Brockaramadingdong!

Meeting, working with and taking a creative writing classes from Steve Lorton.

The good health of my pets, family and me; the continuing spark my parents have.

Enriching friendships with people who have been in my life over a period of years or who are newly introduced-

Hmm - as I start recalling them, this list of great stuff could actually go on *far* too long. So it's on to the new year!

We have a new kitten! Photos to come shortly! She arrived today - more later.

After enjoying playing with the new kitten and watching bowl games and other holiday fare January 1, I start the early morning of my new year with a nurturing event - a 90-minute massage with all the trimmings - aroma therapy, yadda yadda yadda. It's important to begin with the notion that I take the very best care of myself and allow myself to be spoiled.

Followed immediately by digging in and polishing off the office organization-cleaning-preparation with Shannon!

New acting coachees are coming for their initial session with me to map out individual training strategies. My coaching practice at this point is actually too full to accommodate my writing and directing schedule; I need to maintain a balance so I'll have to make sure everyone working with me remains committed enough to do all the homework and make all their sessions. Otherwise...

I'm then taking meetings with experienced industry professionals who can help guide me through the maze of projects I'm developing and hook me up with some top people to make them happen.

Taking classes that are stimulating, challenging and require dedicated, hard work are part of my life now - Steve Lorton's courses on poetry (reading and writing) and creative writing are the two with which I'm starting my new year, as well as another editing class from 911 Media Arts Center and a couple dancing classes at Century Ballroom.

I'm reading *far* more now than I have in a long time, and will continue that habit in the new year. I'm averaging nearly a book a day as well as and several online newspapers - local, national and international.

I believe that if I don't learn at least one significant fact a day, no matter the subject, my life isn't complete - they also spiff up my conversations and blogs!

Spending time with friends and visiting baby Brockarmadingdong also headline the first week of 2007.

Thursday I'm having reconstruction/reduction surgery, which will probably diminish my blog writing prowess for a couple weeks, but I'll do my best to publish my reflections anyway! Recovery is expected to take several weeks, but only the first two require serious down time.

Since this blog covers only the first few days of the year, I imagine 2007 is going to be a year spent reshaping my life with a new body, new projects, great relationships, excitement, stimulation, inspiration and accomplishment!

Now to review my resolutions and statement of purpose - after which I shall welcome 2007 with a toast to everyone working to make a positive difference in their own life - and the lives of others.


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