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Monday, April 30, 2007

feels like home

I've joined a professional group of screenwriters in LA to become not just a better screenwriter, but a great one.

I'm working with them long distance from Seattle (with the possible trip to LA now and then), and have to say, it feels like home.

These folks are only interested in quality work, and after a long discussion with two of their leaders, I'm quite happy to be working with them.

It's going to mean far more intense devotion to my screenwriting, and I have to say it's time.

I do so many things - coach actors, writers, stand-up comics, singers and other performers, write (all sorts of things, including this near daily blog that enjoys a readership of tens of thousands of readers in 68 nations), direct, sing, and of course enjoy being a convivial, entertaining dinner party guest!

While I may be good at just about everything I do, I want to devote more of my life to writing and directing quality work. Having produced/written and directed some 16 short films and videos for the sake of improving my craft and my art, as well as written some 10 feature scripts, I want to get down and dirty and very serious about my writing and directing -- not to mention often produced.

The team I joined yesterday will help me make that happen and as I say, I'm thrilled they contacted me. One member who read my script Nothing But The Truth pronounced it "boffo!" It still has some improvements in store, but to start with that positive a review can't be a bad thing.

Anyway, I'm delighted, I'm organized and ready to work harder, learn quickly and continue to do what I love and love what I do but on a notably advanced professional level that will put me where I want to be in my career for the rest of my life.

When I speak of such things, my coachees have near heart attacks, fearful they're losing me -- nope, I'm still here for you! I'm just restricting new people I take so I can devote more time to writing and soon directing at a level I've prepared myself to perform - honing my craft, studying, researching, analyzing and doing the work - over the years.

For some reason I thought this experience would feel intimidating; overwhelming or scary.

Nope. It feels like home. The folks I've met speak my language. I feel like I'm right where I belong.

I'll take you on my journey with me, as always - only I may not be able to blog as often as I do now because of the changes in my schedule.

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