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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Is being a cog a bad thing?

In the US, there's a television commercial that shows a virtual assembly line of people buying stuff without interruption. In one case the stuff they're buying is flora of all sorts. Flowers, pots, yanga yanga yanga, without stopping.


Customers are like robots, putting their VISA card in its receptor at the "cash" register; each customer is a little robotic ball bearing that keeps the wheels of commerce turning without stopping.

The overhead shot shows a carefully choreographed movement of people using credit card cash to ceaselessly move through the collection component of the money making machinery.



OH NO!!!!

The bad guy stops the senseless shopping scenario by - wait for it - paying with a check
or cash!
The mechanical, thought-free merchant money mechanism is ground to a halt by this peremptory patron!

The punishment for such hideous purchasing protocal?

Being stared at by disgruntled dudes standing in line! Rank disapproval for not conforming to the manner *all* the other customers obviously pay; for preventing the line from moving without interruption.

To avoid this horrible embarrassment, you must pay exactly the way all the other drones do ... with a VISA card or you are a JERK! Gulp! You are out of it! You are not kewl! You don't fit! The way you pay isn't "normal."

Worse, YOU are ... (deep breath, heavy sigh) not ... "normal."

You. Are. In. The. Way.

You. Are. Out. Of. Place.


The message is clear.

Those flowers and pretty vase? $125.

Having the self-esteem to pay just as you bloody well wish?


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