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Monday, June 18, 2007

And the hits keep coming ....


This month my website is on track to receive more than 100,000 hits.

From the stats kept my my web host, you're reading the blog in some 68 nations, some of which I've never heard of before, but I'm learning more about them.

FYI, I'm asking my webmaster to attach a translator to the page so you can click it to translate the blog into your primary language if it's not English. Much of the credit for this website goes to him. John Beresford (himself a novelist, lyricist, poet and singer) has been working hard and valiantly on this website to help inform, inspire and empower you for many years.

It's very exciting, and I'm thrilled to think you're interested in what I'm thinking or writing or doing or how I write or-- why ever it is you tune in.

Thanks for your kind attention. The stats also say you download many of the photos I use, especially of my pets.

Here's a snapshot of JR at my Master Writers' retreat recently. I had him trimmed to keep him cool for the summer, but when temperatures drop he needs a little shirt to keep him warm.

I'm not into the whole put clothes on your dog so they'll look cute thing. It's just a practical matter and to keep him warm and healthy.

He got his white shirt filthy and wet playing for hours with his BFF Winston, a French Bulldog puppy; I took it off to pull on his clean red shirt so he wouldn't get cold.

Everyone was blown away at what a terrific, well-behaved, quiet and snugly little guy he is.

Here's Allie Cat being regal. For a moment there is peace and tranquility. Then, suddenly:

Allie Cat attacks JR and they wrestle. This happens at least twice a day. They chase each other back and forth, in and out of the house to slap a half nelson on each other.

Mistletoe referees.

<-Here, Allie and an untrimmed JR wrestle. They remind me of Inspector Clouseau and his manservant in Blake Edwards' A Shot in the Dark, surprising each other when they least expect to be assaulted.

For some reason, Allie never extends her claws or bites, and JR never gets rough with her. Such happy little souls. I just wish they'd learn to take out the garbage or wash dishes or dust or at least re-make the bed after they've been wrestling on it...

Thank you again for reading my blog and checking out my website - feel free to comment!

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