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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back to booty camp!


Spring is just around the corner, which means Seattle Weight Loss Boot Camp is back in action!

So there I was in the dark of a cloudy early morning - outside, working out in my t-shirt and long pants and headband on a 45F chilly morning with many other women striving for a healthier, stronger body, rain or shine!

I am so glad I've been working out at my nearby gym over the three months booty camp took a winter break - I remained in good shape - the workout was not nearly as hard for me as it was when I started, though it's always challenging.

Our coach Kimae Dolan, has switched things up a bit in a way I love - there's more attention to us listening to our bodies rather than just doing exercises, walking or running and doing certain yoga poses without any significant internal work.

She's all about nutrition as well, so it's an all-'round body fest. I'm always surprised how many booty camp members seem to start with a great looking body - they're there to up their health, strength, nutrition and holistic approach to their bodies. So even though it also helps women with weight issues, as the name suggests, it's clearly for everyone looking for a better relationship with their bodies.

Oh - I was the only one in a t-shirt; everyone else was bundled up in jackets and hats and muffler scarves, assuming I was *freezing.* Well, truthfully, I was a little chilly at the start - I forgot my gloves in the car. But warmed up right away. Tomorrow, if it's raining, I'll wear a light windbreaker and cap.

Feels good to be back in the tough workout groove, feeling so much stronger and capable! And there's always that feeling of superiority for getting up and out so early!

Oooooh, yeah.

Speaking of which... Wow. I *really* need a nap.


Meanwhile, I know my blogs on political subjects and issues is a real crowd pleaser, so I'm sorry I've taken a break from them - and will continue to avoid writing them for the next couple weeks.

Alas, I am entirely fed up - as in genuinely nauseous - with the overwhelming dose of hypocrisy by so many politicians on both sides of the aisle, as well as the apparently insurmountable stew of corruption in the Bush administration. It will take years - if not decades - to undo the harm done by this administration to this nation as a whole, the three branches of government - legislative, executive and judicial, the military, the eroded state of security for this nation, the dessimated environment, the economy that not only puts the dollar at its lowest value in many decades, if ever; the astronomical fuel costs we will face which also crushes the economy -- all of this topped with our pathetic standing in the world.

The reason for the three branches of government is what's called a system of checks and balances. That system was corrupted and crushed by the Bush administration. There was no oversight of the president's actions, inactions, misfires and horrific mistakes which only landed more taxpayer-supported wealth in the pockets of multinational corporations whose only allegiance is to money.

I'm thrilled young people are getting involved with the political process - we need folks who aren't jaded and who have a belief in hope that we can get our country back. I hope they run for office with the idea of kicking a little booty to make change happen without falling into the mindset that being re-elected and maintaining a certain power that makes them feel they are above the laws they pass are more important than the welfare of our citizens or the nation as a whole.

Like I say, I need a break from these things to get a little balance myself, and to enjoy the heck out of my life these days, doing what I love and hopefully helping a lot of people around me.


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