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Sunday, June 29, 2008

A "stranger" personality

I don't know what there is about me, but for some reason strangers feel free to approach or talk to me.

Fortunately, I know how to speak enough French, German and Sign Language to keep myself out of an international incident, because it doesn't matter what country these people are from, they stop me to ask for directions in their native tongue or signals.

Personally, I consider it a miracle I actually understand what they're saying and can give them the answer.

I do know a lot of normally minor/useless information that comes in handy when someone from Europe (or where ever) asks for directions, the location of a local landmark, the nearest bathroom, my take on Einstein's theories of ether and relativity. Wha'-evah.

They also freely express their opinions for things I've not asked them.

Like today.

I drove my car into a parking spot at my nearby supermarket to do a little grocery shopping. As I pulled myself out of my car, the woman loading her groceries next to me noticed the white swirls on the back of my car.

I washed and *half* waxed the car yesterday - I intend to finish wiping off the white film of wax from the rear of my car this evening.

"Hey!" She called. "Someone didn't finish waxing your car!"

"Hey" I called back. "That someone is me!"

"Then you're fired!" She commanded.

"Fired?" I retorted. "I quit!"

......wait .......

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  • At 3:06 AM, Blogger Jay said…

    Heck no, don't finish waxing yer car, if you did you would have missed out on that fun exchange.


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