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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Of dogs and wheels

Gary Allen Tucci, my business partner and executive producer of our Heart Break Productionz' film The Whole Truth and I were pondering some of the needlessly large egos in show biz.

We have what we call the Heart Break Productionz Way of working with people - not having people work "for" us. You gotta be professional and know your stuff - and once you're aboard? The CP/GAT/HBPz Way means respect, appreciation, good manners, consideration, a creative work environment, working hard, taking responsibility and a sense o' humor.

Although the ultimate buck stops with Gary and me, we do not consider ourselves "Big Wheels."

Nor would we ever want to.


As Gary puts it, "You know what dogs do to wheels, don't you?"

I'd just as soon stay out of that line of fire, thank you.

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