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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Week 1 is in the can!

It's hard to believe seven days have passed since we started shooting the film; that five days of pure filming have already passed.

What a fantastic week it was. Our editor in LA says the dailies are fantastic. He's editing the first four days of shooting over the weekend and says we may need some wild sound for one scene but everything else seems in tact.

I told him I want to avoid looping (where actors say words in a studio - while watching the film - to be inserted on the sound track because their lines are, for whatever reason, lost while the scene is being shot).

I think the audience can always hear the difference between lines said in the heat of the moment in a scene and those said in a studio, where energy is usually considerably lower.

We had a small dust up Friday as we were finishing our first week ... about 12:30 a.m.

I came up with two solutions, which were supported by our producers and DP, so nothing like it will happen again.

We're all having such a good time. Lots of laughter. The crew and cast say how much they enjoy working on the shoot - the crew adding how much they wish they could work on films like it and comedies the rest of their lives!

Well, as soon as THE WHOLE TRUTH is wrapped and off to audiences, we're in pre-production for THE LONELY GOATHERD, so they'll have the opportunity to laugh again relatively soon.

I've been trying to find out what kind of shoes Steven Spielberg wears ... my knees are absolutely killing me. It's not age - it's standing for so many hours every day ... I thought I had comfortable shoes, but I need shoes that are much more comfortable and good for knees.

This weekend I've pretty much stayed in bed, slept and kept off my poor feet/knees. I've taken Advil, used stuff for sore joints, and everything else I could do to ease the pain. I have a pair of shoes coming that are supposed to be the most comfortable shoes *ever,* but that could just been an advertisement

I'm getting major knee braces tomorrow am on the way to set. I'm dressing very comfortably -- one can't be comfortable enough when one is directing because we're going from dawn to dusk on our feet.

I check in every day before we start with hair, make up and wardrobe because they always need for me to approve something, or I have a suggestion. The art dept (set design) and props are my next stops. Everyone is such a pro and on top of their game, they're thrilled the director actually spends time with them. It's resulted in some unbelievable work.

We're in this massive location house tomorrow and Tuesday, then moving on for two days of park scenes. Actually we may start on Tuesday because were a full major scene ahead in the schedule. The editor is sending me any sounds or inserts we need to pick up for all the scenes we've shot before we leave the house.

The actors have been *unbelievably* good. Great, even. Sean Patrick Flanery can do anything and everything and sensationally. Elisabeth Röhm is phenomenal. They're both extremely kind - one of the supportive actors (in her first major American film) was having trouble with lines, and they helped her before I had the chance. The actor nailed it!

Eric Roberts, while working on another film, has also been early prepping for his role on this film. He and his wife Eliza are very excited about this project - and his prep is meticulous. When he, Rick Overton and John Fugelsang arrive, we're going to have a PARTY of stupendous acting!

Back to resting .. I can't get enough rest on weekends .. all I'm doing is lying down, drinking water and juice, eating something good.

Living such a sedentary life before the production office was set up and prepro kicked in, I've worked hard to keep up with the physical labor part of this job. I've already lost noticeable weight and should be in fantastic shape when we wrap!

Then it's immediately on to editing THE WHOLE TRUTH and into prepro for our next project, THE LONELY GOATHERD.

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  • At 11:19 PM, Blogger ryan dot cooper at gmail dot com said…

    CP- try the AirMax 360's from Nike. They are a bit pricey but the best shoe for walking, running, or standing...in my opinion. Also, for the sore knees...lots of ice. 20 min on, 20 mins off for two hours, every night.

  • At 7:11 AM, Blogger The Entertainment Corner said…

    Thank you CP.

    Take good care of yourself, hope those comfortable shoes you ordered will help.

    Good karma to you all!

  • At 8:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    HAve you tried capszaicin for the aches? It comes in both a cream,and a "bingo blotter" type bottle. Get the latter...you don't have to worry about getting it washed off your hands. It has no odor, and be warned, it can burn like fire, in which case, you don't wash it off, you use either moisterizer or vegetable oil to get it off. Its made from the stuff that makes peppers hot, and I've used it for arthritis in my knees, back, neck, and hands as well as carpal tunnel, for some time. It works great!
    I love reading the blog! Makes me wish I was an actor, it sounds as if you all are having a riot! Better than working the line at GM.

  • At 2:08 PM, Blogger Amy said…


    I can't help but respond to a person with foot pain. I am a reflexologist that specializes in foot pain so I want to help.

    One the human body is designed for movement, not standing so make sure to move about as much as possible. Be sure you are not hyper extending your knees.

    Soak in Epsom salt bath, the magnesium form the salts will relieve muscle aches, pain and reduce swelling and inflammation.

    Good shoes need to be flexible for standing in, not tight and you may want to add a gel insert for added support instead of a stiff insole that will just make the rest of your body stiff.

    I can go on and on so if you want more email and tell me more about what's happening and I'll send off any other advice I can think of.

    It's a blast to read this blog :D



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