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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sandra Bullock

Over the past several months, hundreds of people could have blown Sandra Bullock's privacy regarding the adoption of her new African American son, Louis.

Of her whereabouts as she moved from Austin to New Orleans.

Of her divorce proceedings.

Of the feelings they have seen her endure since her world was blindsided.


Any number of them could have leaked *something* to the media about any number of the changes she has made.

More, any one of those hundreds of people - who even saw her just in passing - could have made *big* money spilling whatever single bean they had to pour into the starving ubiquitous paparazzi/media's gullet.

Still, they did not.

For more than 20 years, Sandra Bullock has established herself with people who know her well and those who only know her at a distance as a person of integrity, love, sincerity, generosity, compassion, dedication and intelligence; she's a savvy businessperson, sharp producer and now an Academy Award winning actress. The list of her positive attributes goes on.

This is not to proclaim her a saint or someone without human frailties; it only means she moves with good intentions and integrity. I know a writer who worked with her on a film he scribed that actually never got made (thank you Warner Brothers) and he spoke of her only with the highest regard.

At any road, I think in addition to feeling as if she is a special kind of friend, personally known or not, those who knew anything about what she has and has not done believed she had been betrayed enough.

By only one person.

Who did more damage than a hundred leakers, tattle-talers or gossip mongers could.

What he did, the way he did it, is enough unprotected duplicity, enough deception, double-crossing, dishonesty, lying, treachery, fraud and cruelty to last even the worst among us a lifetime.

I believe all those hundreds of people - some who saw, some who knew and some who even supposed, figured she suffered enough without them adding needlessly to the hurt pile.

It's as if she experienced the polar opposites of human behavior simultaneously - ultimate betrayal and ultimate loyalty. Fortunately, those loyal to her by far outnumber those who betrayed her. And those who betrayed her are left outside her life's window now, only allowed to peer in - a fate dealt by their own hand.

Some days, humankind actually rocks.

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