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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Start! Thief!

Perhaps it's her arresting, severe style and good looks; or maybe her magnetic, cool charm; possibly it's her refusal to disclose anything about herself portraying the intriguing, brilliant, skillful, articulate and enigmatic character Kalinda Sharma.

Whatever it is, Archie Panjabi steals every scene she's in as she investigates whatever she deems necessary, where ever she wants to, in the new CBS hit, The Good Wife.

I keep wanting to see more and more of her character. Writer-producers Michelle and Robert King have been good enough to oblige me - and still, I want more.

The British actor is in a supporting role here, but she could easily carry her own series - I'd be happy to see Kalinda do her thing every week!

Panjabi's smarts are no act - she has a doctorate in management; her feature film pedigree is one to be envied - starting out in the BAFTA-winning East is East as the soccer crazy player; then on to Bend It Like Beckham, followed by The Constant Gardner, portraying the title character in Yasmin, and a reporter in A Mighty Heart.

British TV viewers have enjoyed her in Grease Monkeys and Sea of Souls.

The Kings have set us up with such a great series - it started to wane just a bit but came back with a steamrolling roar - the season finale is next Tuesday (CBS 10/9pm).

I've already written about what a superlative portrayal Julianna Margulies (already winning awards for her performance as Alicia Florrick) brings to the screen every week. The Kings have given us a cornucopia of riveting characters in The Good Wife, but when Margulies and Panjabi share the screen, kaboom! Fireworks!

The is she gay subplot is a great addition to the mix; with all the dramatic and legal twists and turns and desperate decisions being made by so many untrustworthy and flawed characters, I can hardly wait until next season!

Meanwhile, sadly, CBS did just as I predicted, which is why I now DVR the episodes to watch later: they started reruns early, did not have a reliable, systematic release of the new shows, which frustrated me enough to stop counting on watching it every Tuesday night. This is the stuff that kills great series. Before you know it, they'll be switching nights and times and ...

I hope, hope, hope CBS sticks with The Good Wife and handles it respectfully - the cast and crew are so strong and accomplished (Paris Barclay is one of their lead directors); with the Kings in charge, this should be a solid mainstay of the network for years to come.

And look for Archie Panjabi to become a major player internationally in quality television programs and feature films.

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