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Friday, July 02, 2010

The excitement grows....

Finessing the Artist Business Plan Workshop I'm conducting (Saturday, July 17 9am-4pm), I'm excited to see the success stories that come out of it! Artists and people who want to be artists who are already registered (rockmediaz@gmail.com for info) tells me people who are ready to succeed are going to be there, and I've put together just the tools that will help.

In fact, this workshop is really only for folks who are ready or who want to succeed.

The reason it's so important?

Artists and craftspeople use the right side of their brain to create - when it's protected by the left (practical and protective) side of the brain, it feels free to flourish and excel because it can relax and not spend so much of its time worrying about finances, what step to take next to establish or take the next step to advance a career, and so on.

I only wish I had developed the Artist Business Plan much earlier than I did - for myself! It's been an amazing resource for me, and I require artists (writers, actors, directors) I coach over a period of time to create one to help them put together a solid, practical career plan so they can devote all their energy to their art/craft, since the business side is taken care of.

As soon as artists understand they are a business - the manufacturer and the product - and that they must be responsible for understanding how their business works, they are much more likely to raise their game and work their way up the career ladder much more quickly - as well as avoid disasters like business managers and others stealing their hard-earned money because they weren't paying attention.

If this sounds like something that can help you, it's affordable, effective and actually fun because you realize what you've been avoiding - a solid business/career plan - actually compliments your art, style and personal approach to all you do.

Here's the 4-1-1. Contact Gina Lockhart at rockmediaz@gmail.com for info and registration. As soon as you register you will be sent the list of things to bring and details about how to get started before you even walk in the door.

It's an empowering BLAST!

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