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Monday, June 14, 2010

Photos BP does not want you to see

BP has purchased Google and Yahoo search terms which would make finding such photos much more difficult - I used Bing.

This human-made catastrophe reminds me of the old joke about a drowned man who greets Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates, fuming. He's furious because he drowned even though he prayed and prayed for God to save him.

St. Peter says, "Hey, we sent a First Aid rowboat."

The guy responds there was only a couple feet of water at the time. Besides, he didn't want to leave his house. It was time for Wheel of Fortune to be on TV. Besides, he kept praying to be saved so he was sure God would save him.

St. Peter says, "When the water came crashing into your second story window, we sent a Red Cross motor boat."

The guy protests that the water didn't seem to be moving that quickly. Besides, he kept praying to be saved, so he was sure he would be. He was a man of faith.

St. Peter says, "Yeah, when you were finally up on your roof, we sent an Army helicopter and you still waved it away."

The guy angrily insists that his prayer for God to save him should have been answered by saving him, no matter what else was going on.

Finally St. Peter says, "We tried to save you. We sent the rowboat, the motor boat, the helicopter..."

And so these images - and we've seen too many of them over the years from dozens of spills and disasters - are a warning about what we humans are doing to the planet. If we don't stop, we are going to destroy our planet. Period.

Penguins near Antarctica were found *three years ago* covered in oil from another "spill."

Pictures of birds being cleaned are only a way to feel better about something that needs another, larger solution. The vast majority of cleaned birds only live for a matter of hours, or days, after "cleaning" because they've already been poisoned by ingesting toxic crude oil. "Cleaning" them only extends their agonizing death in order to assuage human guilt and frustration; cleaning them only creates the false hope of onlookers that they will live.

More importantly for BP, it creates the false idea that animals can be rescued from oil spills.

The rowboat, the motor boat and the helicopter have already been sent. It's up to us.

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