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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Singh's healing elixir...

OK, it's been a rough day, health-wise, for me.
Did someone get the license of the truck that mowed me down, dragged me through the desert and left me under a pile of rubble?
The good news: photographer Michael Conner tells me I look *fine!* You'd never know how sick I feel. Always more important than the facts, I say. And I *hate* inconveniencing anyone when I am ill.
We're both going back to the hospital tomorrow morning because we are not feeling better.
Well, our wonderful driver, guide and becoming a good mate (friend) Singh did not need any cues.
He tells me he's having the kitchen make an old family healing elixir; apparently this recipe has been around for centuries, passing from one generation to the next. He described making it - gesturing as he did. Since I speak almost no Hindi, it's a stretch to say I understood what he was describing.
But I did make out that he was stirring a pot with several ingredients, guaranteed to help me feel better.
"Wonderful!" I said. I can hardly wait to feel better, trust me.
Finally he reached for the English words .....
I was thrilled. An ancient Hindu elixir, which I knew would help me because if anyone knows how to take care of anyone or anything, it's Singh!
I was excited to taste the exotic spices, the rare Indian ingredients!
Finally, he found the name, reaching back into the centuries, of time immemorial!
He gleamed, "Chicken soup!"
Of course.
That ancient Hindu elixir. Chicken soup.
I felt better, just smelling it when it arrived. And was delicious! Thank you, Singh!

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