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Friday, November 09, 2012

Republicans volunteer themselves for extinction

The Republican party is on its way to becoming not only irrelevant but extinct.
Because they do not believe in evolution and allow dominionists to dictate their policies, they do not understand the science behind the natural order of nature... and are on their way to joining the dodo and other creatures who refused to change and adapt to their new surroundings.
They choose to believe in voodoo, slight of hand, lies and those who feed their delusions even in the face of  actual, verifiable, facts and imperical evidence; they refuse to study the reality of the metamorphasis of the US (and world) economy, culture and social construct, of a planet in the midst of a climate crisis which will cost all our lives if we do not act immediately.
Likewise, despot dictators and others who work only to control and exploit people, denying them an education, opportunities, fair play, equal access, health care, the vote, and more are starting to be frozen in an ice age of their own making.
The problem is that they will take the rest of us with them if we do not stand up to them and move forward without them if they choose not to learn, negotiate, and join the 20th century.
We need a strong, smart, educated Republican Party. We need a healthy debate for moving forward, it makes us stronger .. like iron ore is never as firm on its own, without its alloys, we need opposing viewpoints.
But what we do not need - and what will destroy us - is people insisting the world is flat and trying to force us to "work" with them only if we agree with them when the facts and reality fly in the face if this bizarre, long outdated notion.


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