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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Creating a new reality

Something I know I have forgotten to do in the past when my life takes a big step up is to stop.
Just stop.
To reflect on fantastic changes, grieve what I have released (so important!), recognize the great stuff and people I take with me from as I melt into my New Normal, and give thanks for all that has transpired to put me in this moment.
This moment is the only reality I know because the past is just a memory, the future only a possibility.
My job is simply to do my best. In all I pursue, all I do, all I learn, all I think, all I feel.
My very best.
No shortcuts, no half-assed, no careless, nothing without a clear intention of excellence.
In this moment.
It seems when I do that, everything else is handled.
I move forward confidently, with blind faith, just like these kittens.
And if you're looking for *really* sage advice, I'll quote my friend Tom Simmons: "Don't scratch your crotch." He, of course, means *in public.*
Have a great day! Make it count!

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