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Friday, February 01, 2013

The Whole Truth makes MAX's BEST list!

My comedy feature THE WHOLE TRUTH is listed on MAX's *best DVD and Blu-Ray picks* list for February!!

MAX's list has a circulation of more than 4 million media outlets and readers world wide, and only reviews films that they believe are quality projects!

Here's what the reviewer said:

"A fast-paced satirical comedy about a beautiful acting coach (Elizabeth Rohm) who coaches a handsome but ruthless mobster (Eric Roberts) on how to work the court system to win a jury acquittal. She gets help (sort-of) from an also handsome but washed up television celebrity (Sean Patrick Flannery) who happens to be in love with her. Which fellow does she wind up with and does Roberts get off the court hook? Or maybe she can do better than either, and get a dog instead. Check it out. It’s something different… it’s really funny. On DVD from Green Apple Entertainment."

As if this were not enough (I'm breathing in a brown paper bag), our little screwball comedy is on MAX's BEST list alongside other "bests" released in February: Downton Abbey Season III and The Dark Knight Rises.

It's our first review!

It's available for reservation on Netflix DVD, for purchase at Barnes and Noble; other outlets will be joining shortly (amazon.com and more)... it's officially released February 5.


love, cp

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