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Friday, September 08, 2006

The Wrap Party

Tonight is the wrap party for Mortal Wound - which means almost everyone who participated in the making of the film, plus friends and family, will be watching its mini-premiere. I'm looking forward to everyone's response to their work and the film itself.

It should be fun!

Meanwhile, Mortal Wound behind us, I'm now excited to do another short film - Freedom - before tackling the comedy feature Nothing But The Truth.

Freedom stars Rodrigo DeMedeiros, Agnes Muljadi and FYP Productionz' own Brittany Quist.

It's an intense story; each of the characters extremely strong and unique. It's also a keen visual journey.

Set designer/dresser Shefskie Paba's work is cut out for him -- every prop and every piece of scenery - seen from every angle - must tell a story of its own, enhance the drama itself and/or assist the development of the characters.

Like Mortal Wound, these characters are not people you've seen on screen before.

Tomorrow makeup, hair, wardrobe artists and the set photographer gather with me and the cast for preproduction work making decisions on color, textures, angles, visual metaphors, etc.

I'll also start hearing sounds (yes, that *does* explain a lot, doesn't it??? ;-) which I'll jot down and send to composer Evan Schiller so he can start creating samples for the score.

Ordinarily films are completed, then sent to a composer, but I find that the more time the composer has, the more involved she or he is with the creative process, the better, more original and memorable the music/sound.

Another creative cinematic adventure!

Meanwhile, my coaching practice is completely full, which means a lot of people will be getting a lot of work!

And one of my actresses is making sure my social life reflects the quality of my work! Hurrah!


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