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Friday, December 08, 2006

The Wonder of Vision; the Vision of Wonder

One reason artists - regardless of their "day jobs" - are heralded over the centuries is because of their vision.

Whether scientist, painter, economist, writer, researcher or inventor, these artists have a genius for incorporating their vivid imaginations with what they know for sure.

Applying their ingenuity, they have created new and original perceptions of the present and future; predictions and conjectures; mind-altering discoveries, revisions, revolutions and revelations that change the world.

Each of their remarkable, awe-inspiring, world-altering inventions, insights, innovations, inspirations or inceptions began with two words:

"I wonder ..."

As in, I wonder how ... I wonder if ... I wonder whether ... I wonder ...

I wonder how many of us wonder.

As in, wonder how we can make a difference. To the world immediately surrounding us. To ourselves. To the world at large.

Wonder how we can make "things" better.

How "things" themselves could be better, could be more humane, effective, efficient, trustworthy, economic, caring, generous, helpful or just plain work as they should!

It seems to me that when we just sort of let life happen to us without any conscious input or direction, acknowledging our intention or reflect on why we do what we do - or think what we think - one day we'll wake up only to be left to wonder ..

Wonder how on earth we arrived here, wherever "here" is. And "here" doesn't feel like home, or a place where comfort, peace, happiness, enjoyment and excitement dwell.

Today one of my actors and I were discussing our life subtexts. She guessed mine as, "I'm good."

Really? I asked her if that's because I appear to be so confident. She said yes.

Nope. "I'm good" wouldn't be my subtext because I never take myself that seriously. Work? Definitely take it seriously. Myself? No.

Actually, my life subtext is, "Wow! This is amazing!" because the way I live, think and believe continually fills me with awe .. and wonder.

I'm always amazed at what happens around me and in the world; how people treat each other the way they do, how (realistically or unrealistically) people see themselves. The amazing array of perceptions people have of an identical item, fact, person, situation or statement.

Ever wonder why and how that happens?

I wish you a day of wonder.


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