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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New kitten arrives New Year's Eve!

She's wonderful - very well behaved and socialized thanks to the Seattle Animal Shelter foster care plan.

She was found with her siblings and mother in an alley - filthy and sick. So they were taken in by shelter "kitty foster care parent" Lesley, a pre-med student, who nursed them back to health and help them get adopted.

This was the last kitten in the litter to be adopted .. possibly because her shelter name was "Torpedo Burrito" in honor of her high energy level!

I'm sure a lot of people thought, "Um. Torpedo. Burrito." Then looked around their home, imagining their fine curtains in shreds, stuffed furniture in rubbles and a kitten skiing across the dining room table after swinging from the chandeliers screaming, "Areeeeeba! Areeeba!"

Um, no. She plays crazy the way kittens do but nothing that can't be redirected.

I *almost* did not get her. Because of Lesley's sporadic schedule, it looked as if I would not get to see her in time! Other people had seen her and wanted her. Lesley knew they would provide a good home.

But to be fair, Lesley asked them to wait until I saw her since I asked to see her before they did.

My New Year kittenWhen I saw her? It was not only love at first sight, but because of my experience as a volunteer at the animal shelter for two years and many years practicing my avocation as a pet calmer, her foster mom realized this would be the match made in heaven.

I then went to the shelter and filled out adoption papers, paid for her, and made arrangements to pick her up the following day.

Unbelieveably, when I showed up again at Lesley's, the kitten rushed up to me and sat at my feet - the way a dog normally does. What a great sign!

"She knows. And she's really happy to be going home with you," said Lesley. She knew she made the right decision, choosing me as the kitten's new owner.

Ultimate brilliance!

I picked up my new 2.5 pound kitten, stopping to pick up a few things on the way home - like a couple more toys and pooper scooper for the litterbox; I had everything else.

Her main room is the bathroom - it contains all her things and has been a haven of safety, fun and food. She was locked in so she could not get out and "visitors" could not get in without my permission. I visited her often the first 16 hours she was in there; the other pets were instructed not to enter.

She understands after a day of this interaction that I am her "alpha leader" - her source of safety, food, love, freedom, affection, toys and fun, and direction.

I should add, "health." She must still be given antibiotic liquid medication twice a day for more than a week.

This morning she was allowed to explore a couple more rooms and interact a bit with the other pets, though she won't see the whole house until Friday. The slower the expansion of area for the newbie, the better for everyone.

Unlike pets I ordinarily adopt, she has no behavioral or physical problems, she just needs to be trained as any ordinary kitten does, so it's been a breeze to integrate her with the family.

She is acclimating beautifully with my two Pomeranians, Oscar and Mistletoe (5 pounds each) and 19 year-young cat Cagney (7 pounds); they've been telepathically working out their pecking order in the pack and as I write this on my laptop, they are all sleeping next to me on the couch.

After struggling for days to figure out what I should name her, I decided on "Allie." In honor of Alfred Hitchcock, my favorite director, and the fact that she is an "allie cat." Get it? Found in an alley and-

Oh. Right, right.

You get it.


My coachees are going to *love* her (I've got a special pad to trap kitty dander and fur along with an air purifier for those who are allergic - who will only see her at a distance!) - and she will love everyone because she's so social; I also hope to take her to visit my First Place students, since the kids are homeless, chances are they can't have pets.

Yes, indeed, 2007 is definitely stepping off on the right paw.


Off on the right foot. ;-)


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