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Friday, February 02, 2007

Suspension of belief or disbelief?

My erstwhile webmaster questioned my use of the term "suspension of belief" and wondered if I ought to have said instead "suspension of disbelief."

I changed it in one instance, then thought: both are appropriate.

But I had to research my thought!

According to Wikipedia, "suspension of disbelief" refers primarily to the willingness of a reader or viewer to accept the premises of a work of fiction, even if they are fantastic or impossible.

In other words, we are willing to suspend our suspicious, questioning or disbelieving nature so we can overlook anything that interferes with the illusion - suspending our judgment in exchange for the promise of entertainment.

On the other hand (that's the Libra in me), there's plenty of evidence to support "belief:"

When we "suspend our belief" system, we put what we normally believe on hold when we immerse ourselves in a film, book or other piece of fiction - again, for the promise of entertainment!

Amazing how willing we are to deceive ourselves and rewire our powers of reason for the promise of entertainment.

I believe we're also willing to deceive ourselves for other reasons, but at least we're *aware* of suspending our belief/disbelief for the promise of entertainment.


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