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Thursday, January 18, 2007


I'm pretty excited to be *almost* back on track with my production schedule, despite major surgery, the death of my nearly 20 year old cat, the holidays, health problems suffered by my aging parents and losing nearly three months from a communication failure.

Saturday's public screenplay reading of Nothing But the Truth at a local Seattle library will be a notable turning point because the rewrite should not take long, thanks to the performance of the actors involved. Producing the documentary STOP! and art film Freedom are coming right behind, as well as my feature thriller script Everyday Evil and the two books I'm writing.

Recovering from surgery et al means I'm slowly gearing my acting coaching practice back up again. I currently coach 18 people - eek!

And I shall also soon interview a superstar actor for my movieScope magazine column on acting for the camera.

My creative writers' club resumes next week along with a great poetry class I'm taking-

All this while socializing a ten-week old kitten whose favorite pasttime is swinging from the rafters and finding things to push off, over, down and away from their shelves and counter homes!

I'm getting tired from simply thinking about these things, let alone listing them along with everything else I'm doing!

I know what you're asking: But is she happy?

Um, doing what I love to do with the terrific, amazing and talented people who surround me?

Heck yeah. ;-)


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