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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

FX Network: an embarrassment of (The) Riches

Eddie Izzard and Minnie DriverAnother home run, hit way over the fence, has been scored by the FX Network as it airs The Riches, a sensational new drama starring Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard.

More, the remarkable Margo Martindale co-stars! When I see Margo in any cast, I always pay special attention, since she seems to restrict her appearances to the highest quality projects - TV and film.

Margo MartindaleBasically, it's Beverly Hillbillies on steroids.

As wise as these Travellers are in the ways of their dark world - stealing, conning and other nefarious criminal behavior, they have a lot to learn about living a clean, "normal" life.

Basically they do wicked things, having to make major adjustments to live a legal and "idyllic" prosperous lifestyle - learning to live without the paranoia of looking over their shoulders for the long arm of the law or people they've ripped off.

American communities and the nation itself have many notable, wealthy families whose ancestors started out performing questionable and in some cases outright illegal acts to amass their fortunes, so in its own way, it's a "history repeating itself" story of an American family that decides to live the American Dream.

A sort of ragamuffins-to-riches story.

As in their criminal life, the people who interact with them believe them to be exactly who they claim to be; only in this case, without realizing it, they will actually become whom they claim to be!

It's like "living as if" until whatever you really want to do becomes real.

Fascinating story, top performances, top writing (Dmitry Lipkin) and production (Dmitry Lipkin, Eddie Izzard).

While there are some great dramas on broadcast and cable networks here and there, FX seems to be investing in some sensational, quality viewing with each new outing these days.

What is FX trying to do, give TV drama a good name?

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