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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Everyday heroes

I'm coaching a really special guy.

He's a newbie stand-up comic and he's going to make a significant splash when he starts hitting the major clubs.

I've mostly been working with his writing, since he's got a lot of natural presentation talent and just needs some technical direction here and there.

His name is Earl (really!) and what makes him so special is his point of view, his increasingly fantastic writing and sense of humor.

Like all great comics, he talks about his life and how he experiences it - its sense and nonsense. And how others perceive him and his life.

There's nothing phony about Earl - and he doesn't scream or push his material on us desperately trying to entertain.

He just talks to us, telling us his truth. His whole, unvarnished truth.

Deal is, Earl has a bizarre, rare, debilitating, excruciatingly painful terminal illness.


The *perfect* time to create a new career!

"They" said he'd be in a wheel chair long before now, but guess what? He's still strutting his stuff on his two legs; he'll be hitting stages around Seattle first, then I have no doubt he'll make his way up the stand-up food chain sooner than most!

For no other reason than the guy is hysterical!

I'll announce his first paid gig on my home page.

I also have no doubt he will get his life's wish (hopefully decades from now) - to die laughing.

That's the bad news.

The good news?

He's taking us with him!

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