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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Getting organized!

Back when I was kicking cancer to the curb and enduring chemotherapy treatments, two women came to my house to clean it periodically since I was pretty useless - I had no energy after my coaching sessions.

I worked all but the last month of my treatment, when I had to surrender to the orders of my oncology nurse and doc and just rest.

But before these wonderful women would come over, I'd always feel obligated to at least get the place spiffed up enough so they wouldn't think I was a complete slob!

With every stitch of energy I had, I'd straighten, clean and polish, preparing for them!

Between my work and theirs, the place looked pretty decent.

Recently, my friend and coachee Shannon worked hard to get my den tidy, organized and rehabilitated .. it went from a place that was so full of "stuff" that people would enter at their own risk. We still don't know who that skeleton was we found under that stack of videos... ;-)

In preparation for a meeting I was to have with someone who agreed to help organize the entire studio area, den and files setup, I uber streamlined the place and the tasks so we could breeze through the day, restructuring, straighten and systemitize.

Turns out he didn't come.

But because I had done so much prep work anticipating what we were going to do, the day turned out to be quite fun, taking care of business and setting up my place so I can work effortlessly.

Shannon, another person and I will resume our restructuring and streamlining work on a more formal basis soon - which will be pretty exciting and fun for the three of us!

Point is, when we give ourselves a reason or a deadline to do something we know needs to be done, but seems a little overwhelming when we think of doing it? It certainly motivates me to take care of business in a way that makes it feel doable if I think someone is coming over at a certain time for a specific purpose.

I also broke the tasks down to make sure I'd get everything ready and done in time.

The upshot: the place is much more organized, my files set up and organized!

OK, call me crazy, but I thought - we can also *imagine* someone is coming over to motivate us to get things done. You know, your mother or someone you know you have to get everything in place for so they don't raise *that* eyebrow!

Wha'evah works, right?

Anyway, now I'm set up for meetings I'll be taking here over the next several weeks and don't have to worry about the state of its organization!

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