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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wanna take an *affordable* online Romantic screenplay writing class?

I've worked with Sally and can vouch for her dedication to empowering writers - her specialty is the romance genre (remember there's lots of hyphen genres that go with that, too -- the romcom - romantic comedy, romantic action, thriller romance, yanga yanga yanga).

Even though the course is designed for everyone - from beginners to professionals - *I'm* taking the course because Sally's such an expert in the genre I know I'll learn and receive lots of insights from her!

Here's the 4-1-1:

"Romantic Screenplays 101" Novelist-Editor-Screenwriter Sally J. Walker will walk you through an 8-Session course on the fundamentals you need to understand BEFORE you actually tackle a romantic screenplay.

This is not a course on formatting, screenwriting technicalities, fundamental concepts of screenwriting itself or how to adapt your novel to a screenplay. This is a course about "how to think" a romantic story in a cinematic structure. From essentials through character casting to plot outline, this experienced screenwriter and screenwriting TEACHER can explain the mental tools you need to create your own screenplay.


May 3...........Fundamental Concepts of a Romantic Screenplay

May 7...........3 Approaches to Romantic Screenplays

May 10.........The Unique yet Universal Hero & Heroine and Cast

May 14.........Hollywood's Need for "Sex & Violence"

May 17.........Sexual Tension vs Plot Complications

May 21.........Considerations: Time-Place and Theme

May 24.........THE Romance as Main Plot or Subplot

May 29.........Plotting YOUR Romantic Structure

Lesson Format: Definitions, Elaboration, Examples, Definitive Directives, Concluding Exercises Sally's responses to posted questions will be shared with the entire student list.

Workshop Dates: May 1 -31, 2007

Pay-Pal registration Available RWA members: $20 Non-RWA: $25 (ALL monies to go to the Chapter)

NOTE: RWA is the Romantic Writer's Association, a nonprofit educational organization --cp

Send payments via Paypal to: cameowriters@yahoo.com

For Checks or Money Orders:

Send payments to:

CAMEO Writers Inc.
Lori Arnold-Mann
3763 So. 78th St.
Omaha, NE 68124

Check out the Instructor's Bio at http://members.cox.net/sallyjwalker

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