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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Commercial noises create mahem!

If you have a dog, you are very familiar with what I'm going to say.

There are commercials on television that feature irritating noises that set any dog off!



One ad shows a bunch of vacuums accompanied with a series of SQEAKY TOY noises!

It sets my dogs off on a major barking spree, regardless of the time of day, as they desperately look for the squeaky toy around the television set, each hoping to be the first to find it.

Another thing that puts them into a full tilt bark-o-rama is the sound of cats meowing or dogs barking in commercials and programs that feature these animals.

They adore their kitty sister Allie Cat, so they're very protective of her, and let any cat they see or *hear* know they are her guardians!

Likewise, if they hear dogs barking in the TV set, they believe the dog is actually *here* and start doing back flips as they bark their territorial boundaries.

I have to be ultra vigilant with the remote control - as soon as I see the squeaky toy-sounding vacuum commercial's first frame, I press the MUTE button!

Sadly I can't predict when sounds of dogs barking will be broadcast on TV or radio, so I have to keep an alert ear perked so I can attempt to avert all the yapping that results when the TV sounds like it contains a pack of dogs sounding off.

Those noises come when I least expect them. When there was news coverage of poisoned pet food, the news stories were rife with pets as their owners commented on the horrors that frightened us all. More pet stories on the news means I must be even more vigilant.

Meanwhile, I continue to sit here, innocently tapping away at my keyboard with the pups and kitty napping up against me, realizing that without warning - SNAP! Barks, meows, squirrels and other animal voices broadcast on TV create barking, meowing mahem in our modest, quiet abode.

But seriously, who ever heard a vacuum cleaner make squeaky toy noises

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