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Friday, May 04, 2007

Trees=breathing humans

You know how trees "breathe in" carbon dioxide and "exhale" oxygen?

And how we breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide?

My friend and acting/writing coachee Frank Colcher has a theory about trees and humans, and I think he's got a serious "talking point."

He believes trees were here first.

That God put us here to keep them alive with our exhaled carbon dioxide.

To make the cycle of life complete, the trees provide us with the oxygen we need to survive.

Because trees are immobile - they can't pull up roots and walk somewhere they'd be safe - they must rely on us to make certain they are cared for properly so they can keep us alive.

That's the deal. The bargain. We keep them alive? They keep us alive.

Seems to me we've broken that bargain, which will have severe consequences.

Every time we clear a forest without replacing it, knock out another rain forest without considering the significance of our destruction, or strip trees of their ability to thrive - we choke off that much more oxygen.

Oxygen I bet we could use a few years from now - as "rumored" global warming and smog begin to suffocate all life because we destroyed one of our primary breathing resources.

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