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Monday, November 26, 2007

Spas and intrigue!

I've never had a spa day, but one of my actors is treating me to one later this week - the best part is that we're sharing the event!

Soakings, massages, mani-pedis, facials, the works!

She is one of the reunion folks of whom I spoke earlier - she was taken away because her sister was in a coma from a very serious car accident; she had to be with her in another state. But her sister's well into a full recovery and she's back! Ready to go, on top of her game.

I'm very excited and ready to receive all that pampering!

Perhaps we should arrange for a ride home since I'm not sure I will be able to drive after so much kneading, indulging, spoiling, and warm temperatures (I normally thrive in a very cool environment - global warming is not my friend).

I imagine myself emerging a flattened gelatinous mass of protoplasm, oozing my way home.

What a treat! Truthfully, the joy of sharing the day chatting with this fantastic woman is just as thrilling as the thought of all that spa intrigue!

'cause to me, time is the greatest gift we can give anyone.

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