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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Booty camp report card!

Well, coach Kimae Dolan gave me the equivalent of straight A's at the end of my second month of Seattle Weight Loss Boot Camp!

I'm thrilled, and as surprised as I am to be doing as well as I am, I know I show up and give 100% every day, just as I do everything in my life. It hasn't actually just been about weight loss for me as much as becoming terrifically fit, nimble, limber, energetic, strong and healthy.

In addition to exercising out-of-doors early four days a week and following up with complimentary activities the other three, Kimae helps us review and renew our eating habits. Mine have changed drastically over the past two and a half months, and I have to say with her guidance it hasn't seemed like a big deal or difficult, but I have been highly motivated and eagerly inquisitive about learning how to do it differently and make it enjoyable.

Groats have been my favorite discovery, thanks to my friends Adrienne and Penny!

Flax bread made with and without flour have been another tasty addition to my nutrition; regular commercial bread no longer has any appeal to me.

OK, here's my booty camp report card from coach Kimae - the numbers indicate my initial test the first of September, then at the end-of-boot-camp month-long sessions in September and October (mind you, none of this is posted to brag, just to, um, inspire you. Right, right. It's all about you...).


Push-Up: 21.5/23.6/*29.6* per minute: EXCELLENT increase here CP! You're one of only 10 people in the entire September Session to have increased her test numbers for the push-up. You should be very pleased with your progress here. These numbers speak to a strong improvement in upper body and core strength as well as overall endurance. Well done!!

**Another strong and steady increase on the Push-Up here CP**

Bum Lift, 35/21: The decrease here reflects both a proper use of form and the endurance of the extra minute added for testing. The numbers here tell me you were working slow and strong, actively lifting the leg, not swinging by on momentum. These are the kind of numbers we want to see for this type of exercise.

Great job here!

Overhead Bicep, 26/35.6: Again, an excellent increase in an area where most participants will decrease with the additional minute added for testing. Great show of endurance and a progressive building of upper body strength!

Plank, 15/63/*100* from an out loud count: Excellent numbers here CP. Shows a dramatic increase in strength and stamina. Very good core utilization as well (Good for toe push-ups!).

**Seriously, that last Plank was amazing!!!!**

I am just so impressed with your progress! Everyone has done really well on their Fit Tests, but you are one in just a few to have strong consistent increases overall.

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