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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Reunited and it feels so good!

The most wonderful phenomenon has glided into my life - reunions.

Several people from my past have reconnected with me, which has made my life just a little more thrilling. More, our special bond has been re-solidified, making it stronger and more exceptional than ever. There is a sense that the extraordinary bond with each person will never be allowed to wane again by either of us.

Some people drifted away, some have been distanced by less than amicable circumstances (usually cases of mis- or lack of communication) and others have moved away but are returning to this area.

They're making arrangements (or have already) to see me for extended quality time, which I love. They'll be surprised when they see the results of me working out at booty camp and changing lots of eating and lifestyle choices to be truly healthy and super fit.

The extent of the change in my appearance doesn't occur to me until they say something, then I feel great that they notice and appreciate the "new" me. Wait 'til they see me in another four months!

I tend to let people go as they wish or need to with very little need to "hang on" to them, though I certainly do miss people with whom I've bonded and formed friendships. Especially if we had fun!

The degree to which I miss people is generally equal to the level of laughter in our relationship; or it can be the depth with which we connect or the honesty and clarity with which we communicate.

Doing the things we enjoyed doing before losing touch is especially enjoyable. One particularly close friend and I had the most fabulous time last year for the holidays. I didn't know she'd be here from New York for the holidays this year! So we're going to do all the things we did last year to celebrate the season, beginning an annual holiday ritual!

There is something so rewarding to picking up where we left off with any close friend; it's especially wonderful and perhaps a little nostalgic, I think, during the holidays.

I can only say I wish this feeling of closeness, renewed communication, forgiveness and fun for everyone.

Peace out!

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