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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Auditioning for The Herbalist staged reading

I auditioned many terrific actors all day Saturday for the staged reading of my new feature film script that we're holding at an impressive Seattle theater later this month.

Most staged script readings are set up to just hand the script to whatever actors show up half an hour before they read the script aloud.

I cast the roles (most actors play more than one role), have a long rehearsal and include props and costume touches for the characters that make the experience as entertaining as possible for the audience; as professional as possible for the performers and fun for everyone.

Executive producer and biz partner Chris Koruga has also arranged to have some nice programs printed as well as warm appetizers and refreshments served.

We're expecting a packed house, including some VIP's repping studios from LA as well as investors in a financial position to write checks that would cover the entire production if they wish, so of course that's an added incentive to do everything First Class.

Chris has also been invited to meet with some accredited studio chiefs (there are some pretty iffy studios there as well) in China next month; there is a keen interest there for the script.

Meanwhile, none of that would matter if the script were not extremely well written. Any problems will be picked up in rehearsal, but there should be few, if any.

I'm also working on another romantic comedy script, Nothing But The Truth, with my LA mentoring group, and have started writing my first animated feature, Home For Christmas, which is an incredibly enjoyable adventure!

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