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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Declutter is de best!


It's said that this time of year most of us like to do a little house cleaning - organizing for the new year, and I'm no exception.

It's terrific and so efficient to have everything in its place and a place for everything, especially considering the schedule I start early Monday morning. Another couple days of working like a mule around here and I'm open for business!

I'm someone who can focus like a lazer beam, so a normal amount of clutter doesn't bother me while I'm working. But I've noticed that streamlining has made a difference. Everything feels easier. And one of my coachees says that the amount of clutter in my home studio was not *that* bad.

But I whipped out the seven-step outline of my new animated feature script in virtually minutes. Well, I usually write pretty quickly, but this felt easier because there were no distractions. Other than my pets looking at me as if to wonder who I am. Or if they admit knowing me, wondering after my mental health. That doesn't help.

Something I am going to do this year for my blog readers? Use more pictures. It may mean fewer blogs because it takes more time to snap and include them, but looking back I see where pix could have enhanced your enjoyment of many posts, especially when writing of my adventures.

My motto: breaking projects down to doing one small task at a time, I can tackle anything!

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