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Saturday, December 29, 2007

A fantastic day

I was a wandering minstrel.

More wandering than minstrel, really, but it was a pretty special day.

I shopped. Which I ordinarily dislike. But today for some reason, was different.

Perhaps it's because I was in such a good mood because my puppy doesn't need *quite* so much supervision and isn't able to chew through the new metal fence I just built for him.

Perhaps it's because my Christmas tree - a beautiful noble fir I got and decorated the day before Thanksgiving - is as fresh today as it was when I brought it home, still drinking 2 cups of water a day. Even with the lights on most of the day, there are no dry limbs, no needles dropping. I decided I won't take it down until its days are numbered, so it just might be around awhile.

Perhaps it's because I got an armload of terrific books with my new BN gift card because everything was half off; perhaps it's because I bought some unmentionable attire I haven't shopped for in quite awhile and desperately need; perhaps because the items I ordered from REI came in for me to pick up, so now I've got the gear to do some winter hiking, snow shoeing and x-country skiing.

Or perhaps it's because I took a calorie splurge at the nearby Red Robin for dinner.

As I entered, the seven-foot Red Robin mascot approached a table of youngsters and their dad with a young waitress. The kids' eyes popped as he bobbed back and forth, wondering who the heck he was, so I burst into song next to him, explaining:
(as he broke into some nice dance moves)

He rocks in the tree tops
All the day long
Huffin' and a-puffin'
And a-singing his song

All the little birds
On Jay Bird Street
Love to hear that birdie
Go tweet tweet tweet

Rockin' Robin ...
Yep, yep
Rock-rockin' Robin

Go Rockin' Robin
'cause we're really
Gonna rock tonight!

As much fun as my audience seemed to have - I had way more. All the looks on their faces were priceless - including the Robin's, which I could see inside his open beak.

They couldn't believe I just started singing in a crowded restaurant, full voice, snapping my fingers and grooving out as the Big Robin started to move with the beat. Then they all relaxed and enjoyed the song, expressing their appreciation and thanks as I left to devour my last caloric dinner for *quite* awhile.

More, I got a message today that made my year. That good news was news I wondered if I might ever receive. It started my day, in fact.

The pups and kitty were beside themselves with glee when I came home - I ordinarily am not gone for such a long time. I wish human beings would greet us like our pets do. Without wagging my tail, I certainly try to greet my coachees appreciatively.


All in all, all good day. A very good day, indeed. And another is on the way tomorrow.

What a great way to end a terrific year.

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