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Friday, January 18, 2008

Will Hollywood get my Goat?

OK, I can't say too much, except a literary agent from a major Hollywood Agency has my Goat Story comedy feature script (I can't mention the title because it might give too much away) to consider repping it and me.

I'll find out if he's high on the writing, characters and story in a couple weeks; I'll keep you looped.

Meanwhile, you know all those scripts I've been squirred away writing in my little North Seattle cabin in the woods and holding actor's readings of them over the past several years? They'll get a shot as well if this materializes.

What it means is that all the work is closer to paying off -- some are indie, some are commercial.

What it really means is that the journey really is the reward. I've had one heck of a good time writing my scripts, working with actors and developing what I consider quality story lines, memorable characters and frankly, lots of laughs and tears during the creative process.

I'm coaching someone who just received a major award. And he's not happy with what he's doing because his priorities were more material than experiential. Ooops.

He said he thought for sure if he ever achieved this award, he would be on top of the world. Well, there he is now, with his award - and will be feted at lavish celebration. But when he looks back at his journey - especially this past year - he does not want to re-do it ever again.

Priorities. And of course, he especially learned to *listen to his coach.* She predicted some serious problems working the way he was, maintaining other than enjoy the journey priorities and she was ignored.

He would have won the award either way, but why not enjoy life while you work so that winning the award is just the little tasty cherry on top of a great year of life?

Meanwhile, in my life, church mice might have a better credit score, nicer cars and clothes, but I've enjoyed the heck out of doing what I do - am passionate about it, feel proud of what I've accomplished, of maintaining my integrity, values and standards through it all, and have always believed a breathrough would come sooner or later.

In this case it would be thanks to a very renowned, generous (and anonymous) colleague who has known me for several years, and has also seen me help other qualified artists work their way up the food chain.

At this point, I'm not really excited - those close to me who know the details are excited for me. If it all goes through and the company I'd love to see produce this script with the casting suggestions I've made? Then, excitement.

Until then, I have a staged actor's reading performance of The Herbalist to produce and direct (I'll have plenty of photos for you! Amazing cast!), as well as pimp for investors with Executive Producer Chris Koruga, and two feature scripts to finish.

I'm thrilled ultrasharp script supervisor Kay Taylor, who has been at my side for several of my film and staged reading projects, will be on hand for the gruelling 4 hour rehearsal, as well as the performance. Her notes are invaluable.

A fine actor in her own right, Karie Gonia, is working hard as my assistant and right hand (you know I wondered where that hand went..). Another great Northwest actor, Ryan Cooper, is also assisting me during the rehearsal and performance.

All this and Seeker, my Pomeranian puppy - well, he's more an adolescent now - has learned how to chew his way through the fence I built for the back yard several years ago. The other two pups gleefully follow him, bouncing outside the yard for me to rush out to collect. Three five-pound Pomeranians are not seen as a real "dog pack" threat, but they can bother the neighbors so I'm mortified when he chews another hole for me to plug

Fortunately, they come back quickly, but that doesn't stop the neighbors from raising a disapproving eyebrow.

I'm getting a metal fence made that will be chew-proof. The back yard is plenty big enough for these little rougues, they don't need to be galloping gangsta-style all over the neighborhood! Allie Cat keeps an eye on them, making sure they get back home - through the same hole - soon.

When I complain that I have enough to do without worrying about them - they only look at me, eyes glittering with stories of their adventures running around.

I'm also learning about "raw food diet" eating .... my fitness coach is all over this and believes it will help streamline the new me.

Oh, yes, and I'm recording a song this coming weekend with the assistance of my singing coach, Nedra Gaskill, to submit for a national competition. More on that later.

Fortunately, friends and family are all well, little 4-year old JoJo is making his way bravely through his leukemia treatments, and I'm learning to pace myself so I can get everything done without exhausting myself (famous last words!).

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