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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wanna read the big O nominated scripts?

Screenwriters, actors, directors, producers and fans - go to this website and download them for free.*

Oscar-nominated original and adapted screenplays over the years are available, along with the most current cream of the Academy crop: Juno, Michael Clayton, the works.

Not all of them are the final version of submission or shooting drafts, but they are at a point where you can still appreciate the story, characters and/or writing.

In some cases, I think you'll be aware of how influential the director and/or actors were to elevate the level of the script; in other cases you'll see nearly every word typed on the page made it up on the stage (screen) exactly as written because the quality of the screenplay was the epitome of excellence.

Open, download, print or leave it on the screen and scroll.

Then read amongst yourselves. Have fun!

*Thanks for this invaluable website tip goes to the Northwest Screenwriter's Guild, of which I am a proud member!

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