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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Actors: do you want to join SAG -- or not?

My friend and fine actor Tommy Kendrick is compiling information from actors around the US (confidentially) about their feelings regarding joining SAG (Screen Actors Guild). While he won't divulge your name, he will publish your thoughts.

That should probably also include AFTRA because in some places the unions share the same office.

Many actors who are SAG-eligible (they are qualified to join the union) choose not to follow through and sign up for union membership.

You can go to Tommy's website to leave an anonymous comment on his blog, or send him an email at: txactor@gmail.com.

In some US cities, there is so little SAG work that actors put off joining the union as long as possible so they can do all sorts of non-union work that is available. Lower budgeted filmmakers can work with SAG actors by signing a funding disclosure, stating the budget of the film, proving the producers cannot afford to pay union wages at the shoot, but that if the film makes enough money later, union wages will be paid at that time.

Whatever your feelings about joining the actors' union, whatever your feelings about SAG, Tommy would like to hear from you. Again, your identity will be protected, but please let him know the city in which you work.

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