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Thursday, March 20, 2008

One of the first steps I take to direct a film

Putting up pictures and artwork all over my writing area is the way I begin the construction of my color palette for directing the film, The Whole Truth. I'll get many ideas for scenes, color schemes, sets, wardrobe, hair, makeup, all visual components of every scene.

Most of the paintings are impressionist because impressions are what the film is about. Humor is the bright color - but if you could see these photos up close you'd see that the bright colors are surrounded - framed - with dark colors. Bright white snow covers the dark colors - the humor covers the dark schemes that are in the film.

I'll compare my notes with the set designer's and together we'll come up with memorable scenes that support the story and characters - and in fact generate characters in their own right. Just as music is a character, etc.

Here I have two large posters of Sarah Bernhardt, arguably the world's greatest actress - at least during the 19th century - pictured and painted performing and lounging "in real life."

I have several reasons for using them, which you'll understand when you see the film!

I surround myself with all sorts of visual ideas and stimulants that contribute to creating tones, nuance, visual comments, all coming together to construct an ensemble of sound, music, lighting, acting and all the elements that go into making a film.

It all contributes to the details that make the difference between an OK experience watching the screen and something that sticks with you after you leave the theater or finish watching the dvd.

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