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Monday, April 21, 2008

The all powerful Oz!


Remember me complaining how all the dogs, cats, birds and other animals used in TV commercials and shows kicked off a barking spree by my three dogs and a strong verbal reaction from my cat? How crazy noises like those squeaky vacuum cleaners and squeegees also set them off?

It's hard to get them settled as they dash everywhere looking for the dogs, cats, birds or vacuums that are only inside the TV set.

I solved the problem!

I keep the TV remote control nearby.

When any of these noises comes on, I immediately grab it.

The dogs' ears perk up as they stand, taking a deep breath, ready to create a racket and find the intruder; the cat winds up to attack the guilty invader.

I quickly command, in a very stern voice: "Quiet!"

Then push the MUTE button.

Of course the animals or noisemakers onscreen or heard in the background are instantly hushed.

My pets look at me, amazed, as if I am the most powerful alpha dog - evah, and lie back down, extremely impressed - ready to bring me my slippers or whatever I ask. Well, if they knew how...

Oh, yeah.

In this wee household, I am, indeed, the all powerful Oz.

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